Gated Integrating Amplifiers

Precise, time resolved measurement of current, voltage, energy and optical power.


The GIA series of gated integrating amplifiers employ dual monolithic switched integrators. This design results in very low leakage error, charge injection error and pickup. The precision input stage may be configured for current or voltage inputs.

Fields of Application:

The GIA series of gated integrators is useful for signal processing in a wide range of applications such as photodiode monitoring and time domain signal analysis. The output is a voltage linearly proportional to the integral of the input during a period of time set by a TTL-compatible gate. Between gates, the output is held constant for readout or digital conversion via an external A/D-converter or I/O-card (not included). The fast response time at high signal-noise-ratio makes the GIA series particularly useful in systems control feedback loops and online production control. The GIA series is insensitive to electromagnetic interference by design, an important factor when working in „dirty" industrial environments. The case wings provide for mounting on standard 25mm and 1" optical table tops and for OEM applications. 19" rack mounting is also available.

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