Laser Diode Driver

Fast and Strong!

Our new laser diode driver LDD100 is particulary useful for testing laser diodes, for example in measuring LIV-curves.


The LDD100 employs a digitally programmable analogue end stage for flexible and accurate current control. Currents of up to 120A (F-version) and up to 400A (XL-version) with pulse durations down to 50ns are generated with rise and fall times of 50ns (F-version) and 600ns (XL-version) – essentially without overshoot. Due to the flexibility in setup and control, the LDD100 is practical for many laboratory applications. For automated measurements, the unit may be directly controlled via the USB interface. Alternatively, all parameters may be input via the graphical software or via the integrated keypad and OLED display.

Fields of Application:

Applications include laser diode characterization (LIV measurements, etc.), general lab use and for OEMs.
The LDD100 from Artifex Engineering generates fast and very square current pulses with essentially no overshoot. The instrument is very simple to operate.

Artifex Engineering supports this product with a custom strip line configurations service.

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