What could be easier? 

The OPM150 is a low cost power monitor for use in the lab and for OEM applications. The unit is USB powered and controlled to minimize cabling requirements.

The optical power monitor OPM150 is designed for precise measurement of power, from nW to kW. The instrument comes with a graphical user interface. A wide range of accessories are provided to enhance the ease of application.

Download OPM150 Brochure here! - (pdf - 13MB)


Interfaces: USB Measurement rate: 30ms to 999s
Minimum measureable power: 1nW (photodiode)
Maximum measureable power: 5kW (Integrating sphere)
Gain control: 5 gain ranges
Functions: graph and digital display modes, averaging 


The OPM150 is a versatile power monitor for use in the lab and for laser servicing as well as for OEM applications. This unit is designed for use with a PC only, thus eliminating the need for a display. This makes the OPM150 very economical.

Heads are available covering 190-1100nm, 800-1550nm, 800-1650nm and 400-1600nm. Each head is automatically recognized and its individual calibration data are uploaded to the system.

In addition, the user may load up to 5 separate filter curves. Thus the dynamic range and functionality of the unit can be expanded while ensuring proper calibration.

The graphical user interface is intuitive to use and easy to read! The software includes a scope function, data logging and a large, digital display – perfect for daily use in the lab or in the field. Further functions such as auto gain and various storage formats are also included.

The OPM150 is small enough to fit into your pocket and is USB powered and controlled. No extra power supply required, no extra cables on the table.

Not only the small size qualifies this instrument for OEM applications. It is very simple and flexible to integrate into your project. The unit comes delivered with drivers for direct communication or to be used as a virtual COM-port. Furthermore, we provide a full software development kit including the source code for the GUI application as well as a demo LabView-VI



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