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OPM150 Filter OD2 Absorbing

ORDER CODE: 30.070.00008

  • Extends power range by approximately 100x
  • For our OPM150 free beam heads and P10 series of integrating spheres
  • For our OPM150 filter mounts

This item is used to extend the power range of OPM150 free beam and integrating sphere detector heads by a factor of approximately 100x. This is done by attenuating the input beam through absorption in the filter glass. The actual attenuation is wavelength dependant.

The filter is delivered with its own filter file matching the serial number of the filter. This filter file may then be loaded into the OPM150 software for calibrated measurement when the filter is mounted.

The adapter is fitted by hand.

  • Extends power range by approximately 100x
  • Absorbing type neutral density filter
  • Maximum power handling: 1W CW in at least 5mm diameter beam
  • External (male) M23.2 x 0.75 thread

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