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OPM150 Measurement Units

  • USB powered and USB controlled
  • No external power supply required
  • Contains the electrical transimpedance amplifier for the OPM150 detector heads as well as the USB communication module

The 100kHz base module has an additional analogue voltage output via a BNC receptacle. However, due to its wider bandwidth, it is more sensitive to background noise than our standard base unit.

OPM150 Measurement Units 1

Artifex Software Development Kit

The SDK is a fixed, free component when purchasing a device.

It comes with the source code of the application program (in and a LabView VI with the basic functions of the instrument. A description of the communication with the devices and a list of the commands used is also included.

For some devices (currently LDD100, LIV120 in preparation) there is a dll file (library file) with documentation and exemplary applications in and LabView.

Dr. Steven Wright


Hannes Heppner


Anja Weets


Rolf Jaspers