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Transimpedance Amplifier TZA200

The transimpedance amplifier TZA200 is designed for precise, high speed measurement of current in the µA to mA range. The output is a voltage linearly proportional to the input current.

The gain of the TZA200 is fixed.

  • Receptacles: BNC (input and output)
  • Rise time: 35ns (10MHz)
  • Noise equivalent current: 1 µA(RMS)
  • Gain control: none
The TZA200 amplifier employs precision single ended transimpedance input stages to provide for low offset and high linearity throughout the full dynamic range. The single ended input stage is required for applications where the current source is inherently grounded externally.


These transimpedance amplifiers are particularly useful for the measurement of current from photodiodes. The output is a voltage linearly proportional to input current and thus, to input power in photodiode monitoring applications. The fast response time at high signal-noise-ratio makes the TZA200 series particularly useful in systems control feedback loops. These amplifiers have a particularly high bandwidth of 10MHz allowing monitoring of high frequency noise components of many light sources. The TZA200 series is insensitive to electromagnetic interference by design, an important factor when working in „dirty“ industrial environments. These units are provided in OEM-style enclosures. The case wings provide for mounting on standard 25mm and 1“ optical table tops and for OEM applications.
Input range (full scale)4.5mA
Noise equivalent current (NEIRMS)1µA
ConnectorsBNC (Adapters for other connector systems available.)
FunctionLinear analogue : Vout = scale factor x Iin
Output range (full scale)High-Z termination
50Ω termination
ConnectorsBNC (Adapters for other connector systems available.)
Output scaleHigh Z-termination
50Ω termination
Rise /Fall time (10% – 90%)Source capacitance < 100pF35ns
Setting time (1%)Source capacitance < 100pF100ns
Accuracy± 1%
Output impedance50Ω
Power supply
TypeWall plug (supplied)
1 channel102 x 45 x 116 (w x h x l)mm
4 channels102 x 106 x 116 (w x h x l)mm
19“ rack modules3U
  • Case: gull wing, lab style, 19″ rack module
  • Number of channels: 1, 2, 3, 4

Artifex Software Development Kit

The SDK is a fixed, free component when purchasing a device.

It comes with the source code of the application program (in and a LabView VI with the basic functions of the instrument. A description of the communication with the devices and a list of the commands used is also included.

For some devices (currently LDD100, LIV120 in preparation) there is a dll file (library file) with documentation and exemplary applications in and LabView.

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