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Polymer Integrating Spheres SP100

High quality polymer integrating spheres for laser and LED applications.

For high power measurements, it enables the monitoring of power fluctuations on a time scale of µs (for comparison thermopiles: 1s at best), very advantageous e.g. when setting up high power CW lasers.

SP-Series with rotatable Azimuth
SP-Series with rotatable Azimuth

Artifex Engineering manufactures high quality polymer integrating spheres for laser and LED applications.

High power measurements are often performed using thermopile detectors. Thermopiles however, have the disadvantage of reacting very slowly – typical rise times lead to measurement periods of 1 second at best. The combination of an integrating sphere and a photodiode based power meter opens the possibility of measuring high power fluctuations on a µs time scale. This can be useful for setting up and debugging high power CW lasers.

Our polymer integrating spheres are machined from solid material – not coated. These robust devices are perfect for measuring laser power in the visible to NIR.

These spheres are compatible with our OPM150 and OPM500 series of power meters using a fibre patch cable or the photodiode port. Just plug it in to your USB port and start measuring!

  • Reflective material: ultrawhite polymer
  • Sphere diameter: 100mm
  • Input port diameter: 25mm
  • Cooling: convection
  • SMA and FC fibre ports, photodiode ports


  • SMA fibre
  • FC fibre
  • photodiode


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