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Laser Module LDM200

Specialized high end laser modules for industrial applications.

Custom polarisation and focus possible!

  • Control: front panel and USB
  • Interface: USB
  • Rise time: 50ns (fast rise time models), 500ns
    (long pulse models)
  • Output functions: staircase, burst
Artifex Engineering designs and manufactures laser light sources for machine alignment, machine vision, microscopy, surface analysis, etc. Our standard product range encompasses high-end spot and line generating laser modules. Complete systems including laser or LED based light sources as well as simple or intelligent driver electronics can be custom designed to specification.


The LDM200 series of laser diode modules are specialized units for high-end applications. The fibre coupled design allows flexible installation and separation of the electrical and optical sections. High quality optics and precision adjustment provide for excellent beam quality and very long collimation distances up to 100m. Customized fixed focus distances may also be provided. The option of choice of polarization (unpolarized, linear or circular) is unique and provides many advantages in measurement reproducibility in metrological applications.


These compact, high quality, laser diode modules may be used for industrial metrology and machine alignment applications. The excellent beam quality provides for high reproducibility independant of module rotation. The rugged designs are adapted to industrial applications and provide for very high pointing stability. In OEM applications, the small size of the source allows for simple integration.
Fibre Optical PowerPfPM Faser5mW
Peak Wavelength1LPPf=5mW650658665nm
Pointing StabilityT∆Ø5µrad/°C
Pointing Accuracy∆Ø0.5°
Threshold CurrentIthCW<3050mA
Operating CurrentIopPf=5mW4555mA
Operating VoltageVopPf=5mW2.42.8V
Monitor CurrentImonPf=5mW0.10.30.5mA
PolarizationPf=5mW, linear polarized option, Pf=5mW, circular polarized option100:11.2:1

1 Other wavelength upon request.

  • Speed/Pulse duration: fast rise time models, long pulse models
  • Maximum output current: any value from 1A to 400A
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