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ORDER CODE: 30.070.00075

A UV-enhanced silicon (Si) photodiode detector head, compatible with the OPM150 series of optical power meter.

This compact unit is designed specifically for measurement of power out of FC-connectorized fibres only.

The fibre receptacle, photodetector and calibration memory chip are all contained in the connector body.

When connected to the OPM150 base unit, each head is automatically recognized and its individual calibration data are uploaded to the system.

  • Wavelength range: 250-1000nm
  • Maximum fibre core: ø 1500µm at NA 0,39; ø 2000µm at NA 0,22
  • Minimum measureable power: 30nW (at 950nm)
  • Maximum measureable power: 175mW (at 950nm) with Base Module 30.070.00002 and 30.070.00112, 100mW (at 950nm) with Base Module 30.070.00058
  • Maximum outer dimensions: 47.5 x 31.3 x 14.8mm

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