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Beamsplitter Penta Prisms (BSPP)

The beamsplitter penta prisms consist of a precision penta prism carefully cemented together with a wedge to minimize wavefront distortion and beam skewing. The cemented surface of the wedge is coated with a multilayer beamsplitter coating tuned to the application. The three outside surfaces of the prism are anti-reflection (AR) coated with “V” type or broadband coatings to minimize surface reflection losses over the specific wavelength range.

Beamsplitter penta prisms are available in unpolarized, non-polarizing and polarizing designs. The functional features of these designs are similar to the respective cube polarizers.

SpecificationAvailable Quality
Range of dimensions2mm-100mm
Highest available surface figureλ/10 (DIN: 3/0.2)
Highest available surface quality20-10 S/D (DIN: 5/2×0.06)
Wavelength rangesingle wavelength or broadband
Highest available tolerance of beam deviation5″ (arcsec)

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