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  • Materials: glass, quartz and sapphire
  • Resistant to temperature, shock and scratches
  • Manufactured on customer request

High quality optical domes which are produced through precision polishing. They ensure clear, distortion free protection for your camera objective or other sensitive equipment.

Artifex Engineerings offers custom optical domes from glass, quartz and sapphire. These provide high resistance to temperature, shock and scratches. We offer low cost molded domes as well as high quality polished domes for distortion free vision applications. We look forward to your inquiry.

Optical domes are used in instruments like pyranometers, radiometers or underwater applications. There, optical domes protect the sensors while they transmit certain wavelength ranges.

  • Range of dimensions: 10mm – 100mm
  • Highest available surface figure: 3λ (DIN: 3/1.5)
  • Highest available surface quality: 40-20 S/D (DIN: 5/1×0.2)
  • Highest available thickness tolerance: ±0.25mm

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