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Optical Windows

Optical windows are transparent glass components that are used to transmit light of a designed wavelength range while simultaneously minimizing reflection and absorption.

They are used as a protective element between two environments and their impact on the passage of light is neutral.

Standard Materials: 

N-BK7, fused silica (UV-grade, optical grade or IR-grade) and sapphire optical windows. 

Also possible: CaF2, BaF2, MgF2, Ge, Si, ZnSe, etc.

The choice of substrate material affects not only the useful transmission wavelength range, but also such factors as pressure handling capability and thermal conductivity of the optical window.

Typical materials include N-BK7, fused silica (UV-grade, optical grade or IR-grade) and sapphire windows.
We will gladly provide windows from other materials such as CaF2, BaF2, MgF2, Ge, Si, ZnSe, etc.

Windows can be manufactured in almost any shape: round, rectangular, elliptical, or any other shape including cut-outs and drill holes. Holes may also be drilled at an angle to the surface normal.

Anti-reflection (AR) coatings are generally applied to both surfaces of a window to prevent back reflections, interference effects, ghost images and light loss.

In addition to simple flat windows, we also provide custom enclosure windows (“laser light houses”).


SpecificationsAvailable Quality
Range of dimensions1mm – 600mm
Highest available surface figureλ/20 (DIN: 3/0,1)
Highest available surface quality10-5 S/D (DIN: 5/1×0,04)
Highest available tolerance of beam deviation1″ (arcsec)

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