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Polymer Dichroic Sheet Polarizers

We offer various types of polymer dichroic sheet polarizers operating from 330nm in the UV up to 1800nm in the IR. Furthermore, we also have sheet based wire grid polarizers working in the range 400-1100nm.

The dichroic and wire grid polarizers from Artifex Engineering are manufactured using high quality polymers covering various wavelength ranges. We offer these polarizers as naked sheets with or without adhesive or as a sandwich construction laminated between extremely flat glass windows to achieve sharp imaging results. The high extinction ratio ensures high contrast; the constant high transmission level gives good colour rendition.

The native material is manufactured in large sheets. We will provide any shape or size via laser cutting from the sheets with a dimensional tolerance of ±0.25mm. Polarizers with adhesive withstand up to 60°C, without adhesive up to 80°C.

Applications include biotechnology and medicine, machine vision, display and consumer products. Whatever your application: the high polarization and low distortion of these optics is impressive.

TypeWavelength Range¹ [nm]Thickness [µm]Adhesive [yes/no]Imaging [yes/no]Comments
IR1750600-1750400(yes) / noyesReal IR! High optical quality.
WG1100400-110080noyesWire grid: non-absorbing polarizing beamsplitter
VIS950415-1600500noyesExtremely broadband
VIS850420-850770(yes) / noyesBroadband VIS
VIS800415-800440yes / noyesVery economical
VIS760420-760190(yes) / noReplaces Polaroid 38
VIS700430-700190(yes) / noHigh transmission, high contrast
VIS675415-675190yesVery high transmission
VIS645420-645240yesVery robust to temperature and bleaching
UV770325-770190(yes) / noOptimized for UV application

1) Contrast >500 or 10% of maximum and Tp>50

2) Find graphical images of the contrast and transmission of the P-polarization under “Graphs”

UV & VIS Sheet Polarizers
Contrast Ration (PER)
Transmission of p-Polarization
IR Sheet Polarizers
Contrast Ration (PER)
Transmission of p-Polarization

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