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Achromatic Waveplates

Our achromatic waveplates (half or quater) with a retardation tolerance of λ/100 provide extremely broad wavelength range with only one optic.

The achromatic waveplate is similar to the zero order waveplate in that two plates with opposing retardation are used to achieve the final result.

The difference is that the two plates are made from different materials such as crystal quartz and magnesium fluoride.

Since the dispersion of the birefringence can be different for the two materials, it is possible to specify the retardation values over a wide wavelength range.

Choosing the right waveplate for your application can be a bewildering task, as we offer a wide range for many different uses.

Feel free to contact us for assistance. Our experienced staff is only too pleased to help you with the decision process.

As with all of our optics, we will gladly provide our achromatic waveplates custom designed to your particular requirements. As an alternative, we offer a selection of standard items as specified below.

  • Wavefront distortion: λ/8
  • Retardation tolerance: λ/100
  • Parallelism: 1arcsec
  • Surface quality: 40-20 S/D (DIN: 5/2 x 0.16)
  • Wavelength ranges: 465-650nm, 650-1100nm, 1000-1750nm

Achromatic Waveplates Optically Cemented

Quartz WaveplatesHalf WaveplateDiameter (mm)Wavelength
50.260.0023750.260.0024710.0VIS 465-650nm
50.260.0023850.260.0024810.0NIR 650-1100nm
50.260.0023950.260.0024910.0IR 1000-1750nm
50.260.0011650.260.0011812.7VIS 465-650nm
50.260.0015950.260.0016112.7NIR 650-1100nm
50.260.0016750.260.0016912.7IR 1000-1750nm
50.260.0019850.260.0025015.0VIS 465-650nm
50.260.0024050.260.0025115.0NIR 650-1100nm
50.260.0024150.260.0025215.0IR 1000-1750nm
50.260.0024250.260.0025320.0VIS 465-650nm
50.260.0020250.260.0025420.0NIR 650-1100nm
50.260.0024350.260.0025520.0IR 1000-1750nm
50.260.0011750.260.0011925.4VIS 465-650nm
50.260.0016050.260.0017025.4NIR 650-1100nm
50.260.0016850.260.0016225.4IR 1000-1750nm
50.260.0024450.260.0025630.0VIS 465-650nm
50.260.0024550.260.0025730.0NIR 650-1100nm
50.260.0024650.260.0025830.0IR 1000-1750nm

Achromatic Waveplates Air Spaced (Mounted)

Quartz WaveplateHalf WaveplateWaveplate Aperture (mm)Mount Diameter (mm)Wavelength
50.260.0025950.260.0027110.012.7VIS 465-650nm
50.260.0026050.260.0027210.012.7NIR 650-1100nm
50.260.0026150.260.0027310.012.7IR 1000-1750nm
50.260.0012050.260.0012212.725.4VIS 465-650nm
50.260.0016350.260.0016512.725.4NIR 650-1100nm
50.260.0017150.260.0017312.725.4IR 1000-1750nm
50.260.0026250.260.0027415.025.4VIS 465-650nm
50.260.0026350.260.0027515.025.4NIR 650-1100nm
50.260.0026450.260.0027615.025.4IR 1000-1750nm
50.260.0026550.260.0027720.025.4VIS 465-650nm
50.260.0026650.260.0027820.025.4NIR 650-1100nm
50.260.0026750.260.0027920.025.4IR 1000-1750nm
50.260.0012150.260.0012325.430.0VIS 465-650nm
50.260.0016450.260.0016625.430.0NIR 650-1100nm
50.260.0017250.260.0017425.430.0IR 1000-1750nm
50.260.0026850.260.0028030.038.1VIS 465-650nm
50.260.0026950.260.0028130.038.1NIR 650-1100nm
50.260.0027050.260.0028230.038.1IR 1000-1750nm

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