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Artifex Engineering is an independent supplier with close relationships to several optical manufacturers, more than 20 years experience in precision optics applications and a solid understanding of the optical manufacturing process. 

We supply high quality industrial and medical optical components at extremely competitive B2B pricing, standard or customized.

We realize our wide range of products by cooperating with specialists for specific optics and the expertise in the respective application areas. Whether you are looking for a laser optic or a simple prism to deflect a beam, Artifex is at your disposal as a consultant and supplier for almost any type of optic.

Through careful selection of our specialized manufacturing partners, we are able to provide optimized quality at the most competitive pricing. 

We provide a wide range of standardized optics for experimenting and feasibility studies. 

Particularly with regard to customized optics, at Artifex Engineering you will find the experience and competence necessary to offer the very quality, optimized for each application at an unrivaled price

We will gladly provide support during the design stage. We are not only capable of serving high volume orders but also in a position to provide as few as single pieces of custom made parts. Please contact us to discuss your applications requirements.

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