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Pockels Cells

Compact, high quality units at OEM pricing!

We develop custom Pockels cells according to your specific requirements. Additionally we offer a selection of standard Pockels cells.

These devices contain an electro-optic crystal using the Pockels effect. A voltage applied across the crystal generates birefringence, causing linearly polarized light propagating through the crystal to be resolved into two orthogonal vectors. The change in retardation between the two vectors (ellipticity) is proportional to the magnitude of the electrical field. A crossed polarizer analyzes the output beam, resulting in intensity modulation. Sub nanosecond response times can be realized.


We will customize the pockels cell to your requirements, please contact us to discuss your details.

Materials available:

  • DKDP (KD*P)
  • MgO:LiNbO₃
  • BBO

In addition, we offer a series of standard Pockels cells. Full data can be downloaded from the “Downloads” tab.

Model specifications:

Pockels Cells Specifications

Order No.ApertureDimensions
50.250.00025Ø 6mmØ 16 x 20mm
50.250.00005Ø 8mmØ 20 x 29mm
50.250.00006Ø 10mmØ 25.4 x 39mm
50.250.00007Ø 12mmØ 28 x 33mm
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