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Laser Diode Characterization Systems

The LIV series of instruments are measurement systems for the electro-optical Laser Diode characterization and LED characterization, whether packaged or in bare chip form. These instruments perform complete LIV measurements in extremely short time for high throughput.

  • Measuring methods: Pulsed and CW testing
  • Maximum Currents: 250mA up to 600A
  • Maximum number of current steps: 4000
  • Interface: USB
  • Throughput: typically 1s per device
  • Rise Time: 70ns (F-version); 500ns (L-version); 1µs (XL-version)
  • Measured parameters:
    optical power, laser voltage and laser current
  • Measuring methods: Pulsed, QCW and CW testing including burn-in
  • Maximum Currents: 250mA up to 1200A
  • Maximum number of current steps: 4000
  • Interface: USB
  • Throughput: typically 1s per device
  • Rise Time: 5µs - 600µs (dependant on max. current)
  • Measured parameters:
    optical power, laser voltage, laser current and monitor diode current


The laser diode characterization systems LIV100 and LIV120 employ digitally programmable analogue end stages for flexible and accurate current control. A wide range of current end stages are available with maximum currents of 250mA for low power and telecom lasers or up to 1200A for high power laser bars. Custom units are available with even more current!

The LIV100 is a pulsed system with pulse durations of 150ns to 2000µs. The fast rise-time version boasts rise and fall times of 50ns (at 60A) – essentially without overshoot. This unique feature allows accurate testing of high power diode lasers at the chip or bar level without undue thermal loading of the device under test.

The LIV120 is our popular CW/QCW tester with loads of features and full burn-in capability.
Both systems are controlled via a USB port for automated measurements. A parameter set is uploaded from the control computer. Following the start command, the LIVs then perform the complete measurement sequence fully autonomously.


Applications include laser diode characterization before and after submounting or packaging, inspection of incoming goods and for OEMs. The fast data acquisition provides for high throughput. Artifex Engineering supports this product with a custom strip line or contact card configuration service.

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