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Aspheric Lenses

Plastic optics manufactured from PMMA or polycarbonate are a cost effective alternative to glass.

Aspheric lenses are designed to eliminate spherical aberration within a limited design wavelength range. Thus these lenses can produce a much sharper focus or far better collimation than spherical singlet or doublet lenses.

Applications include fibre coupling, medical applications and laser collimation for free space communication.


Artifex Engineering provides aspheric lenses manufactured by CNC diamond turning and moulding techniques. All available materials can be processed by both techniques.

CNC diamond turning is suitable for low volume, high precision optics.

Moulding is used for high volume, low cost optics. The precision can be quite high, but does not reach the level of CNC diamond turning.

SpecificationAvailable Quality
Range of dimensions0.5mm – 450mm
Highest available surface figure0.1µm PV
Highest available surface quality20-10 S/D (DIN: 5/2×0.1)

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