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Aspheric Lenses

Plastic optics manufactured from PMMA or polycarbonate are a cost effective alternative to glass.

The IR aspheric lenses from Artifex Engineering are manufactured using high quality materials and CNC turning. The result is an absolutely sharp focus !

Medical applications of mid-IR lasers involve heating and cutting tissues with high spatial resolution. A standard spherical lens design may need several optical elements in order to manipulate the laser beam to the finest focal spot. Enter the aspheric design: these lenses will bring you to your design goal with one single element. That saves space and cost in your design

We provide a limited selection of standard designs for low and high volume applications. Custom designs are generally limited to production volumes greater than 5000 pieces.

Aspheric Condenser Lenses

50.110.000016.0 mm3.41 mm0.272.5 mm650 nm3.0
50.110.000026.5 mm4.86 mm0.283.5 mm650 nm5.0
50.110.000037.8mm6.21 mm0.35.0 mm650 nm7.0
50.110.0000412.5 mm11.19 mm0.25.15 mm650 nm7.0

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