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Dielectric Brewster (Thin Film) Polarizer

  • Dielectric coated glass substrates designed for use at Brewsters angle
  • Economic polarizers with high damage threshold
  • Common use: Q-switching, suitable for high power applications


Two polarized beams
Lower polarization purity compared to common polarizers

The Brewster angle design results in a relatively good polarization purity (typically 200:1) at low cost. Since the transmitted p-polarization is not reflected from the glass surface, an anti-reflection coating on the back side is not required.

These are high damage threshold, economical polarizers, typically used for Q-switching.

When using thin film polarizers, the lateral offset of the transmitted beam must be taken into account. This depends on the thickness of the substrate. Thin film polarizers function for one wavelength only.

SpecificationAvailable Quality
Range of dimensions2mm – 75mm
Highest available surface figureλ/10 (DIN: 3/0.2)
Highest available surface quality20-10 S/D (DIN: 5/2×0.1)
Highest available tolerance of beam deviation3″ (arcsec)
Highest available extinction ratio200:1
High power version for single wavelengths~10 J/cm² at 1064nm for 10nsec pulse

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