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Wire Grid Polarizers

Wire grid polarizers function by reflecting the rejected light, as opposed to absorption in dichroic sheet polarizers. Therefore the power handling capability of wire grid polarizers is higher.

Artifex Engineering offers high quality polymer-based wire grid polarizers for use in the visible and NIR. These are effectively very thin polarizing beamsplitters working from 400nm out to 1100nm with more than 1000:1 (30dB) extinction ratio over the whole bandwidth range. And the bare sheet is only 80µm thin. Just imagine the possibilities!

We offer these polarizers as naked sheets or as a sandwich construction laminated between flat glass windows to achieve sharp imaging results. The high extinction ratio ensures high contrast; the constant high transmission level gives good colour rendition. Black and white!

The raw material is manufactured in 240 x 80mm sheets. We will provide any shape or size via laser cutting with a dimensional tolerance of ±0.25mm. Also, the sheet substrate has been designed for high temperature application. This material is specified for use up to 105°C.

Applications include biotechnology and medicine, machine vision, metrology, display and consumer products. Whatever your application: the high polarization and low distortion of these optics is impressive.

Wavelength Range400-1100 nm
Extinction RatioTp:Ts >1000:1
Thickness0,08 mm
TransmissionTp >80% (400-1200 nm)

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