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Polymer Integrating Spheres

Artifex Engineering designs and manufactures a range of high quality polymer based integrating spheres for the visible and near infra-red. The larger spheres have standardized ports for modular configuration. The ports can be populated with either a photodiode or a fibre receptacle. The smaller sized spheres come with an integrated photodiode and an SMA fibre port. These spheres are compatible with our OPM 150 series of optical power meters. Just plug in to your USB port and start measuring! The polymer integrating spheres from Artifex Engineering are very efficient due to the high reflectivity of the quality material we use. These spheres are CNC machined from solid material – not just coated.


The high reflectivity and lambertian diffusivity of the polymer we use ensures wide band efficiency over the full range of 250-2500nm.


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These integrating spheres can be used for optical power measurement as well as beam homogenization for accurate spectral analysis. The 100mm sphere exhibits a homogeneity of better than 1% at the 25mm port when illuminated through the side (fibre) ports.

The 10mm and 20mm spheres feature an integrated photodiode (choice of UV-Silicon, VIS-enhanced InGaAs or Germanium) for optical power measurement, as well as an SMA fibre port for auxiliary functions such as spectral analysis. Both outputs are located on the back side of the device. These spheres are calibrated and are compatible with our OPM150 series of optical power meter. The 50mm and 100mm spheres have modular ports with choice of SMA and FC fibre receptacles or photodiode (choice of UV-Silicon, VIS-enhanced InGaAs, Germanium and IR-extended InGaAs). These spheres may be calibrated upon request. The photodiode port may be terminated with a BNC or SMA receptacle or with our OPM150 connector. Using the OPM150 connector, the integrating sphere is compatible with our OPM150 series of optical power meter.
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