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Polymer Integrating Spheres P10

Artifex Engineering manufactures high quality polymer integrating spheres for laser and LED applications. The very small 10mm integrating sphere is designed for lowest attenuation of a light source while still exploiting the advantages of an integrating sphere.

Our polymer integrating spheres are machined from solid material – not coated. These robust devices are perfect for measuring laser power in the visible to NIR.

These spheres are compatible with our OPM150 series of power meters. Just plug it in to your USB port and start measuring!

General information about our Polymer P10 integrating spheres can be found in the following table.

DescriptionInner diameterHousing diameterHousing lengthMaterialEntry port
Integrating sphere, 10mm Polymer10mm35mm26,6mmPolymerØ3,5mm

Our range of photodiode materials allow measurements from 250nm up to 2500nm. You will find the versions in the table below.

DescriptionOrder codeDetector portsWavelength RangeOPM150 compatible
Integrating sphere, 10mm Polymer, UVS¹20.220.00018 1x photodiode (UV-Si); 1x SMA fibre connector250-1100Yes
Integrating sphere, 10mm Polymer, G20.220.000191x photodiode (Ge); 1x SMA fibre connector800-1550nmYes
Integrating sphere, 10mm Polymer, VIGA²20.220.000201x photodiode (VIS-InGaAs); 1x SMA fibre connector400-1600nmYes
Integrating sphere, 10mm Polymer, x2.0-InGaAs20.220.000491x photodiode (InGaAs, IR enhanced); 1x SMA fibre connector800-2000nmYes
Integrating sphere, 10mm Polymer, x2.2-InGaAs20.220.000501x photodiode (InGaAs, IR enhanced); 1x SMA fibre connector1000-2200nmYes
Integrating sphere, 10mm Polymer, x2.5-InGaAs20.220.000811x photodiode (InGaAs, IR enhanced); 1x SMA fibre connector1300-2500nmYes
Integrating sphere, 10mm Polymer, VIGA, BR2³ ⁴20.220.000691x photodiode (VIS-InGaAs); 1x SMA fibre connector400-1600nmNo

¹Typical measurement range: 1µW-250mW at 950nm

²Typical measurement range: 5µW-450mW at 1550nm

³Signal cable, plug: 1.5m length, BR2 plug

⁴ Including calibration table


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