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OPM150 Detectors

A very wide range of wavelengths and powers – What would YOU like?

Various diode materials allow measurement from 250nm up to 2500nm.

Heads are available in wavelength ranges of 250-1100nm, 800-1550nm,  400-1600nm, 800-2000nm, 1000-2200nm and 1300-2500. Each detector connected to the base unit is automatically recognized and its individual calibration data are uploaded to the system. 

Thus, changing wavelength range is as simple as swapping heads – all with one base unit.

UVS = Si, UV enhanced | G = Germanium | VIGA = InGaAs, Vis enhanced | xIGA = IR, InGaAs enhanced; x = 2.0,  2.2,  2.5 max. Wavelength

kopf_g10_matt_freigestellt_1025x695pxOPM150UVS250nm – 1100nmup to 8mWfree beamTo Product
kopf_g10_matt_freigestellt_1025x695pxOPM150UVS-S250nm – 1100nmup to 8mWfree beamTo Product
kopf_g3fc_freigestelltOPM150UVSFC250nm – 1100nmup to 20mWFC fibre connectorTo Product
kopf_g3fc_freigestelltOPM150UVSSMA250nm – 1100nmup to 20mWSMA fibre connectorTo Product
kopf_g5_freigestelltOPM150G5800nm – 1550nmup to 8mWfree beamTo Product
kopf_g10_matt_freigestellt_1025x695pxOPM150G10800nm – 1550nmup to 8mWfree beamTo Product
kopf_g3fc_freigestelltOPM150G3FC800nm – 1550nmup to 8mWFC fibre connectorTo Product
kopf_g3fc_freigestelltOPM150G3SMA800nm – 1550nmup to 8mWSMA fibre connectorTo Product
kopf_viga_freigestelltOPM150VIGA400nm – 1600nmup to 8mWfree beamTo Product
kopf_g3fc_freigestelltOPM150VIGAFC 400nm – 1600nmup to 12mWFC fibre connectorTo Product
kopf_g3fc_freigestelltOPM150VIGASMA400nm – 1600nmup to 12mWSMA fibre connectorTo Product
kopf_viga_freigestelltOPM150x2.0IGA 800nm – 2000nmup to 8mWfree beamTo Product
kopf_g3fc_freigestelltOPM150x2.0IGAFC 800nm – 2000nmup to 8mWFC fibre connectorTo Product
kopf_g3fc_freigestelltOPM150x2.0IGASMA800nm – 2000nmup to 8mWSMA fibre connectorTo Product
kopf_g3fc_freigestelltOPM150x2.2IGAFC1000nm – 2200nmup to 3mWFC fibre connectorTo Product
kopf_g3fc_freigestelltOPM150x2.2IGASMA1000nm – 2200nmup to 3mWSMA fibre connectorTo Product
kopf_g3fc_freigestelltOPM150x2.5IGAFC1300nm – 2500nmup to 3mWFC fibre connectorTo Product
kopf_g3fc_freigestelltOPM150x2.5IGASMA1300nm – 2500nmup to 3mWSMA fibre connectorTo Product
u_klein_freigestelltOPM150P10G800nm – 1550nmup to 250mWfree beamTo Product
u_klein_freigestelltOPM150P10UVS250nm – 1100nmup to 200mWfree beamTo Product
u_klein_freigestelltOPM150P10VIGA400nm – 1600nmup to 250mWfree beamTo Product
u_klein_freigestelltOPM150P10x2.0IGA800nm – 2000nmup to 250mWfree beamTo Product
u_klein_freigestelltOPM150P10x2.2IGA1000nm – 2200nmup to 100mWfree beamTo Product
u_klein_freigestelltOPM150P10x2.5IGA1300nm – 2500nmup to 100mWfree beamTo Product
u_mittel_freigestelltOPM150P20G 800nm – 1550nmup to 1Wfree beamTo Product
u_mittel_freigestelltOPM150P20UVS250nm – 1100nmup to 800mWfree beamTo Product
u_mittel_freigestelltOPM150P20VIGA400nm – 1600nmup to 1Wfree beamTo Product
u_mittel_freigestelltOPM150P20x2.0IGA800nm – 2000nmup to 1Wfree beamTo Product
u_mittel_freigestelltOPM150P20x2.2IGA1000nm – 2200nmup to 300mWfree beamTo Product
u_mittel_freigestelltOPM150P20x2.5IGA1300nm – 2500nmup to 300mWfree beamTo Product
sp20-1050x695px_mit_PhotodiodeOPM150SP20UVS250nm – 1100nmup to 500mWfree beamTo Product
sp20-1050x695px_mit_PhotodiodeOPM150SP20VIGA400nm – 1600nmup to 400mWfree beamTo Product
sp20-1050x695px_mit_PhotodiodeOPM150SP20x2.0IGA800nm – 2000nmup to 400mWfree beamTo Product
sp20-1050x695px_mit_PhotodiodeOPM150SP20x2.2IGA1000nm – 2200nmup to 400mWfree beamTo Product
sp20-1050x695px_mit_PhotodiodeOPM150SP20x2.5IGA1300nm – 2500nmup to 400mWfree beamTo Product
SP50_mit_Photodiode_freigestellt_rgbOPM150SP50UVS250nm – 1100nmup to 5Wfree beamTo Product
SP50_mit_Photodiode_freigestellt_rgbOPM150SP50VIGA400nm – 1600nmup to 2Wfree beamTo Product
SP50_mit_Photodiode_freigestellt_rgbOPM150SP50x2.0IGA800nm – 2000nmup to 2Wfree beamTo Product
SP50_mit_Photodiode_freigestellt_rgbOPM150SP50x2.2IGA1000nm – 2200nmup to 2Wfree beamTo Product
SP50_mit_Photodiode_freigestellt_rgbOPM150SP50x2.5IGA1300nm – 2500nmup to 2Wfree beamTo Product
Polymer Integrating Spheres SP100OPM150SP100UVS250nm – 1100nmup to 20Wfree beamTo Product
Polymer Integrating Spheres SP100OPM150SP100VIGA400nm – 1600nmup to 10Wfree beamTo Product
Polymer Integrating Spheres SP100OPM150SP100x2.0IGA800nm – 2000nmup to 10Wfree beamTo Product
Polymer Integrating Spheres SP100OPM150SP100x2.2IGA1000nm – 2200nmup to 10Wfree beamTo Product
Polymer Integrating Spheres SP100OPM150SP100x2.5IGA1300nm – 2500nmup to 10Wfree beamTo Product
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