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Fresnel Rhomb Retarder

The Fresnel Rhomb Retarders offer unmatched performance in broad band, achromatic retardation.

These optics exploit the relative phase shift between orthogonal polarization states which occurs at the total internal reflection of a beam of light within a dielectric optic. 

Due to the large internal incidence angle required for this effect, Fresnel Rhomb Retarders are very long and bulky.

The simplest design employs a single element. However, this means that the transmitted beam is strongly laterally displaced which can be very inconvenient – especially when the optic must be rotated.

As an alternative, we offer dual elements which eliminate the lateral displacement. However, these items are even longer than the single elements.

As with all of our optics, we will gladly provide these items custom designed to your particular requirements. As an alternative, we offer a selection of standard Fresnel Rhomb Retarders as specified below.


BK7 Fresnel Rhomb Retarder

Material: N-BK7

Flatness: λ/10 at 633nm 

Surface quality: 20-10 S/D (DIN: 5/2 x 0.1)

Wavelength Range: 400-2000 nm

Free Aperture: 10×10 mm 

Order No.RetardationDesignA (mm)B (mm)H (mm)
50.260.00086 λ/4Single element35.040.037.0
50.260.00087 λ/2Dual element64.040.037.0
50.260.00112 λ/4Dual element140.040.037.0


Fused Silica Fresnel Rhomb Retarder

Material: UV grade fused silica

Flatness: λ/10 at 633nm 

Surface quality: 20-10 S/D (DIN: 5/2 x 0.1)

Wavelength range: 200-2000 nm

Free Aperture: 10 x 10 mm 

Order No.RetardationDesignA (mm)B (mm)H (mm)
50.260.00088 λ/4Single element35.040.037.0
50.260.00089 λ/2Dual element64.040.037.0
50.260.00113 λ/4Dual element140.040.037.0

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