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Wollaston Polarizers

Both polarization components are angularly displaced about the original direction of beam propagation. Thus, both beams transcribe a cone when the polarizer is rotated.

The separation angle of Wollaston polarizers is twice that of a Rochon polarizer of the same material. Both beams have high polarization purity.

The Wollaston polarizer is made of two birefringent material prisms that are cemented together. Optionally for high power applications, the crystals may be optically contacted.

The deviations of the ordinary and extraordinary beams are nearly symmetrical about the input beam axis, so that the Wollaston polarizing beam splitter has approximately twice the deviation of the Rochon polarizer. The separation angle exhibits chromatic dispersion. A range of custom separation angles can be designed upon the requirement. The separation angle of standard products is shown in the tables below.

As with all of our optics, we will gladly provide these items custom designed to your particular requirements. As an alternative, we offer a selection of standard items as specified below.

Standard products:

α-BBO Wollaston Polarizers

Order No.Extinction RatioSeparation Angle (°)CA ⌀ (mm)O.D. ⌀ (mm)L ± 0.1 (mm)
50.230.00058<5x10-615-27 (16° at 800nm)
50.230.00059<5x10-615-27 (16° at 800nm)8.025.416.0
50.230.00060<5x10-615-27 (16° at 800nm)10.025.418.0
50.230.00061<5x10-615-27 (16° at 800nm)
50.230.00062<5x10-615-27 (16° at 800nm)

Quartz Wollaston Polarizers

Order No.Extincion RatioSeparation Angle (°)CA ⌀ (mm)O.D. ⌀ (mm)L ± 0.1 (mm)
50.230.00068<5x10-52-3 (2° at 1064nm)
50.230.00069<5x10-52-3 (2° at 1064nm) 8.025.424.0
50.230.00070<5x10-52-3 (2° at 1064nm)10.025.428.0
50.230.00071<5x10-52-3 (2° at 1064nm)
50.230.00072<5x10-52-3 (2° at 1064nm)

YVO4 Wollaston Polarizers

Order No.Extinction RatioSeparation Angle (°)CA ⌀ (mm)O.D. ⌀ (mm)L ± 0.1 (mm)
50.230.00073<5x10-619.6-23.3 (20° at 1550nm)
50.230.00074<5x10-619.6-23.3 (20° at 1550nm)8.025.416.0
50.230.00075<5x10-619.6-23.3 (20° at 1550nm)10.025.416.0
50.230.00076<5x10-619.6-23.3 (20° at 1550nm)
50.230.00077<5x10-619.6-23.3 (20° at 1550nm)

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