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True Zero Order Waveplates

The true zero order waveplate is a single plate whose thickness is designed to give a retardance of the desired fraction. Zero order waveplates show better performance than multiple order ones.

They exhibit broad bandwidth and a lower sensitivity to temperature and wavelength changes. They should be considered for more critical applications.

We offer single plate true zero order waveplates for longer wavlengths. At short wavelengths, the plate becomes too thin to handle.

In these cases we can offer either a true single order waveplate or a true zero order waveplate cemented to a glass substrate.

In this case we also offer a proprietary design: the glass substrate can have an annular form so that the beam does not actually pass through the glass.

Choosing the right waveplate for your application can be a bewildering task, as we offer a wide range for many different uses

Feel free to call us for assistance. Our experienced staff is only too pleased to help you with the decision process.

As with all of our optics, we will gladly provide these items custom designed to your particular requirements. As an alternative, we offer a selection of standard items as specified below.

Wavefront distortion: λ/8

Retardation tolerance: λ/300

Parallelism: 1arcsec

Surface quality: 20-10 S/D (DIN: 5/2 x 0.1)

True Zero Order Waveplates – Single Waveplate

Quarter WaveplatesHalf WaveplatesDiameter (mm)

Notice: Please indicate the wavelength after the order-number, such as: 50.260.000074-1310.

Our standard wavelengths are:
λ/4: 1310 nm, 1480 nm and 1550 nm
λ/2: 980 nm, 1064 nm, 1310 nm, 1480 nm and 1550 nm

True Zero Order Waveplates – Cemented

Quarter WaveplatesHalf WaveplatesDiameter (mm)

Notice: Please indicate the wavelength after the order-number, such as: 50.260.000050-266.

Our standard wavelengths are: 532nm, 633nm, 780nm, 808nm, 980nm, 1064nm, 1310nm, 1480nm and 1550nm.

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