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OPM150 100kHz Base Module

ORDER CODE: 30.070.00058

The OPM150 100kHz base module contains the electrical transimpedance amplifier for the OPM150 detector heads as well as the USB communication module. In addition, this unit has an analogue voltage output via a BNC receptacle.

This optical power monitor is USB powered and controlled. No external power supply is required. The enclosure is a solid body milled from full material. It is very robust and gives good shielding to electromagnetic interference. The base of the body has two tapped holes for mounting.

The unit is very compact with dimensions 60x81x36mm (WxLxH).

  • Connectors: DB9 (detector head); USB (communication); BNC (voltage output)
  • Bandwidth: 100kHz
  • Measurement range: 1kV/A – 10MV/A
  • Sampling rate: 30S/s (via GUI software); 600S/s direct polling
  • Gain control: 5 gain ranges (1kV/A; 10kV/A; 100kV/A; 1MV/A; 10MV/A)
  • Accuracy: ±1%
  • Power supply: USB
  • Functions: graph and digital display modes,

OPM150 Detectors & Accessories

Complete Software Solution

Artifex Software Development Kit

The SDK is a fixed, free component when purchasing a device.

It comes with the source code of the application program (in and a LabView VI with the basic functions of the instrument. A description of the communication with the devices and a list of the commands used is also included.

For some devices (currently LDD100, LIV120 in preparation) there is a dll file (library file) with documentation and exemplary applications in and LabView.

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